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Comprehensive needs assessments are the foundation of successful training program design, development and delivery. Needs assessments (Gap Analysis), are a method of determining what training is required to improve productivity, work quality, and safety and environmental practices. The final recommendation provides our clients with a complete analysis of current and future training requirements in relationship to the job description, to assist in the development and training of the client’s personnel for an effective and efficient operation of the company’s business.

Our methodology incorporates a rigorous review with the client’s technical, field operations, human resources and management groups to gain an understanding of the organization’s current and future business plans and the expertise required to implement the objectives. The initial assessment is followed by a task/job analysis for each job position and identifies the skill sets required by personnel in each position to achieve the objectives. These are then compared to the existing skill sets/levels to identify any gaps between actual performance and required performance. This serves as the basis for designing a training program, developing a schedule and an evaluation grid.

We have conducted training needs assessments on behalf of many governments, industry and international aid agencies.



For organizations with identified training requirements, we provide applicable training program designs, curriculum development and delivery. Our curriculum capacity spans the entire breadth of the clean energy industry. The most current, state-of-the-art technology and business practices are incorporated in the design, curriculum development and delivery of our classroom-based training programs, all of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

We involve our experienced industry professionals from the project start to delivery to ensure a quality product and service to address the specific needs of the client. Whether it is hosting participants in Canada or delivering abroad, our presentations are captivating and effective.

Our clean energy industry expertise includes: 

  • Wind Energy Technology

  • Wave and Tidal Energy Technology

  • Geothermal Energy

  • Solar Power Technology

  • Biiomass

  • Economic Evaluation

  • Clean Energy Technology Overview

The Dawn of a New Energy Strategy



We have the proven ability to provide effective project management for a wide spectrum of training related initiatives in order to bring about the successful completion of specific project objectives. Our services include the planning, scheduling, organizing, sourcing, logistics, delivery, reporting, and administrative services. Our project management team utilizes seasoned project managers with technical, field and project management experience.

As well, we provide services to develop plans for technical institutional development, governance, administration, academic, operation, and student services.

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